|| Jai Sri Gurudev ||
Science Lab

BGS English School has a Next generation advanced Education Labs facility for Innovative Science, Language and Maths hands-on learning options in schools. They offer a wide coverage of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences.
Our Highly Experienced teachers will focus on developing higher order thinking skills in children. The hands-on learning Process is targeted towards stimulating young minds.

  • We have a modernized scientific lab separately for School Students.
  • Our Labs are first of its kind with good infrastructure.
  • Our Labs helps students in highest form of understanding the theory concepts.
  • Help students to remember the concepts better and longer.
  • Students feel Confident and satisfied when a Practical class is completed on a particular chapter’s experiments.
  • Students get more motivated to the subjects with the practical experience they get t our Labs.
  • Helps to transfer the experience to other classmates.
  • Students learn the basic concepts easily with the help of the live experiments they do.